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To create a well world, one person at a time, through care, connection and self-empowerment




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The B.A.S.E. Yoga Mat

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The B.A.S.E. yoga mat supports our approach to teaching yoga... "start with a firm foundation (or BASE) in every asana....create a firm base in yourself."

Yoga is for everyone.

About The Wellbeing Shed

How We Got Here

The Wellbeing Shed can best be described as "a dream, dusted off".

More than 15 years ago, in a different country, I had a dream of building a place of rejuvenation and work. The kind of work that really matters...self work! 

Working toward being the best version of yourself, toward Wellbeing.

The dream went on ice and then I met my lovely wife, we started a family and moved to this beautiful country. 

We have connected with many remarkable people in our new home. It was one of these connections that sparked the flame again.

A local wellbeing practitioner needed more space. Her work is being very well received. 

About the same time, my wife qualified as a yoga teacher. Then I did the same....and we wanted a space to offer yoga to, well, anyone who would 'walk through the door'

Opening my eyes and my self to a life of helping others quickly showed me that, in the area we live, there is an exceptionally high concentration of people who offer one form of wellbeing service or another.

All manner of idea and opportunity started coming to me. I resisted. Will it be a step back, this revival of a past dream? Do we have the money to do this? Will it be successful? How do I balance this against a challenging corporate consulting career?

And then I read a book called "The Surrender Experiment", by Mickey Singer. I let go of my normal, 'control-freak' approach to big things and surrendered to what was being put before me.

So far, that surrendering has brought me, with the support of my wife and kids and amazing friends, to now; the launch of this website and of our B.A.S.E. Yoga Mat, the sale of which will help fund the running of the actual Wellbeing Shed, when it opens.

We are also in the final stages of securing a premises to launch the real, brick and mortar Wellbeing Shed. All things going well, Spring 2019 will bring a 'shed load of wellbeing' to our local community and surrounding area.

We will publish a (near as possible to) realtime story of the opening of the Shed in the new year...so you can track the exciting work to start creating a well world, one person at a time.

In the mean time, though, get in touch with us and we'll add you to a regular email update.

Be well. It is a choice only you can make.





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